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Thought Crimez is a jack of all trades channel that delves into Comedy, Politics, Entertainment, Social Commentary, Animation, Music and more without thinking twice. We enjoy playing into all of our interests and the diversity that Black people have globally. If you are into narrative tales, hard hitting political commentary, news reporting and unfiltered comedy; come into Thought Crimez world and see what we are all about.

  • Trailers
    6 videos


    6 videos

    Here you can Find all of our trailers. Beyond the Mic, Beyond the Critics, Thought Crimez, Retro Media Gods, Prince to King, Sincere Ignorance, IAMPRINCe, Urban Underdogs, Mini-Documentaries and more.

  • Beyond the Mic
    1 season

    Beyond the Mic

    1 season

    Beyond the Mic is a series that go beyond the mic and into the psyche of Hip Hop, Rock N' Roll, Jazz, Soul, R&B plus more and the artists/icons that reside in this culture of American music. In addition to the hidden gems in American music, including the unsung African American pioneers.

  • Land of Our Own

    1 video

    This mini-documentary commentary will be out soon. Here Prince and Sincere showcase ways Black people can get land, where to get land strategically and how we can create our own safe havens. The mini-documentary will be out within a couple of days.